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When a school joins Saving Londoners' Lives it is eligible for a grant from the British Heart Foundation (BHF). This will include resuscitation training manikins (one manikin for every 2 pupils) and a Heartstart UK schools training pack. This pack includes the following:

Instructor's GuideA complete guide to teaching ELS in schools
Activity CardsPhotocopiable cards for pupils with write-in activities designed to reinforce the ELS skill learnt
Skills CardsPhotocopiable reference cards for pupils with useful summaries of key ELS skills
Training DVDA BHF DVD to accompany the programme
ELS HandbookA step by step guide to ELS skills for pupils aged 10 plus
PosterPoster summarising key ELS skills
CertificatesCertificates for each of the three levels of the staged sessions. Complete course certificate.
Assessment FormA photocopiable form for monitoring pupils' progress
CD-RomA collection of all the printable material found in the pack

Your Heartstart UK teacher training pack includes detailed teaching notes for each section of the course and clearly labels which activity cards and skills cards accompany which section. You can download an example here.